Bacchanal – located in the Queen West area of Toronto will instantly take you out of the chaos of the city and into the same aura of quietude of a French neo-bistro. The dining space fills with natural light during the day, and the interior has been designed beautifully with herringbone flooring and brass-accented pieces of furniture. One wall had a Toronto-themed illustration of places and spaces in Toronto by Raymond Xu. From afar, it appears as a traditional toile that you would see in French linens; but up close, you can see an illustration of Honest Ed’s, Zanzibar, Gardiner, and other landmarks of Toronto. Located at the end of the bar is a small private dining room to entertain a small party.

As you can probably tell by now, I’m a sucker for French restaurants. I had no idea about this restaurant until Soheila mentioned it to me and we decided to have brunch here. 

Soheila ordered the Steak Frites and I ordered the Shakshouka. We both shared the Escargot a la Bourguignonne and Pâté de grand-mère. The Steak Frites was delicious, cooked perfectly with the right amount of tenderness – with a side of fries I just couldn’t stop eating; the Shakshouka was full and hearty and I especially enjoyed the crispy chickpeas!

Steak Frites and Escargots a la Bourguignonne

60 Sudbury St.
Modern French Restaurant


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