Now and then we all get busy — with work, school, or simply the hustle of day to day life. Sometimes taking a moment to share good food with good friends is all you need to slow life down. It’s also nice to meet with those friends that you can just pick up from where you left off. I met up with Cynthia and our thing is “food.” Yes, we love food! We also enjoy talking about plans for our future, dreams of more travels and see what life has in store :).


This was my first time at Byblos, and like any other restaurant that pops up in Toronto, you’ll find me there! Byblos offers East Mediterranean cuisine along with cocktails and special teas. Most of the dishes are for sharing and I’m glad we did because we got to try 5 different dishes at once! For starters, we ordered the Turkish Manti Dumplings — served in a small cast iron and has smokey eggplant, yogurt sauce, and molasses — and Basturma — cured beef, shakshouka sauce, and mozzarella wood fired on a baguette. For our mains, we ordered the Sweet Jeweled Rice and Short Rib Kebab which was surprisingly delicious and thinly sliced seasoned with chemen, truffle tzatziki, pine nut dukkah, and oregano. And lastly, for dessert we ordered to share a Pavlova — basically, a strawberry sorbet inside a spherical milk crumble! Yum!


Overall, I loved the food, the atmosphere, and the service. 

Short Rib Kebab
Sweet Jeweled Rice

Byblos Toronto
11 Duncan St., Toronto
East Mediterranean Restaurant


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