One of my friends shared an article about people being timeless, and it inspired me to think about the people that’s part of my life. I’ve linked the actual article/excerpt here (it’s a good read) by Heidi Priebe.

The right people are timeless.

I’ve probably known most of my girlfriends from 20 years, 10 years, 5 years, to 1 year and each one of them has a trait that inspires me. They are the ones that encourage me to try harder, dream bigger, and do better. I make time for them or stop by to say hi or just be in the same room doing our own thing. 


This part truly resonated with me:

“When you are with the right person, time falls away. You don’t worry about fitting them into your complicated schedule, because they become a part of that schedule. They become the backbone of it. Your happiness becomes your priority and so long as they are contributing to it, you can work around the rest.” (Priebe, 2014)



Priebe, H. (2014). The Truth About Meeting Someone At The Wrong Time. [online] Thought Catalog. Available at: [Accessed 15 Mar. 2018].


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